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Blepharitis/Lid Hygiene

Do you suffer from any of the following symptoms?

  • Eye irritation
  • Burning sensations
  • Tearing
  • Foreign body sensations
  • Dryness
  • Crusty debris in the lashes
  • Red eyelid margins
  • Loss of eyelashes
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Itchy and or swollen eyelids

Developing a regular routine of eye hygiene is essential in the treatment of Blepharitis (inflammation of the eyelids) as it tends to recur and rarely disappears completely. It is important that you clean your eyelids every day, whether or not you are experiencing any symptoms. You should consider it part of your daily routine, like showering or brushing your teeth.

All of the products below are Preservative Free


Blephasol® is an aqueous cleansing solution designed to be used by Blepharitis patients for daily eyelid hygiene. This process is key to the management of the condition. Blephasol® is convenient because there are no preparation steps prior to application and no need to rinse after use.

Blephaclean® wipes are impregnated with an aqueous solution designed to hydrate, repair and soothe the skin. They are ideal for daily eyelid hygiene. Blephaclean® wipes are particularly convenient because you do not need additional cosmetic pads or gauzes; there are no preparation steps prior to application and no need to rinse after use.

Blephagel®PF  is an eye care product for the daily hygiene of sensitive eyelids. Its formula is suitable for cleansing desquamated and impurity soiled eyelid edges. Blephagel® is non-greasy gel that properly cleanses eyelids, mucus and squamae congested eyelash roots.

For patients who experience chronic continuing lid problems wet hot compresses have always been advocated by Ophthalmologists - developed by an Eye Doctor we now routinely recommend patients to use the much more user friendly 'Blepha Mask'.

Blepha Mask is an ergonomically shaped facemask, clean and simple to use. Filled with grape seeds, without lavender or other scents, it is heated in a microwave and because it can be used time after time it is very economical.

Blepha MaskBlepha Mask